About us

Hello. My name's Oni and I own a restaurant called Roz Ana in Kingston and co-founded DinerMojo along with Phil in 2015.

In 2006 I plucked up the courage to leave my City job to pursue my passion for food and restaurants, opening Roz in 2008.

Through everyone's hard work, it became a popular, award-winning dining spot but it was hard to turn much of a profit.

We looked into rewards and loyalty schemes - after all, they worked very nicely for the big corporates - starting with a paper-based version at Roz. Long story short, DinerMojo was born and we've never looked back.

Hi there - I'm Phil. It's honestly been a pleasure to be involved in this with Oni; doing something we truly believe in and that's helping make a difference.

Covid meant that for the first time in a generation, we started doing more of our day-to-day shopping at small local stores instead of malls and larger chain-stores.

And then a funny thing happened... when restrictions eased and shopping in malls and big stores was back on the table, we carried on shopping locally anyway.

It turns out we really do like the friendly, personalised service, the uniqueness and the desire to provide great products and service that small venues offer. Mum and dad were right!

The DinerMojo journey