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Based on studies by Bain & Co. and Harvard University together with actual data from DinerMojo


The loyalty club exclusively for great independent restaurants

It all starts with your fabulous food, excellent service and passion to delight. After all that hard work, you deserve to profit more from your efforts. Now with DinerMojo you can reward your customers and get insights into their behaviour in ways you've never been able to before, helping you build even better customer relationships, improving retention of your best existing and new loyal customers.

Hi. My name's Oni and I'm a proud restaurant owner.

I opened Roz Ana in 2008 and absolutely understand the hard work and obstacles that people like you and I contend with every day. It seemed like we were missing out on the advantages that well run loyalty schemes already provide to some of the bigger chains, so in 2015 I founded DinerMojo specifically for us independents. We've had great success with it since its launch and now I'd love you to join us.

Loyalty. Marketing. Insights.

Loyalty. Marketing. Insights.

25% of your customers bring in 62% of your revenue


And that's not all by a long shot... studies by well-respected think tanks like Bain & Co., Harvard University and many others show huge benefits for restaurants with loyalty schemes. A 2014 Deloitte study discovered that 86% of people would join a loyalty scheme offered by the restaurant they visited most often.

Imagine that: 8 out of 10 of your customers join up and then all of this comes into play...

Source: Business 2 Community article at

Our experience with DinerMojo in a real restaurant situation

After just four months of using DinerMojo at Roz, we've seen a lot of these stats playing out for real. As well as that, with DinerMojo we now know - amongst lots of other things - that our DinerMojo members spent almost 20% more per head than our average customer.

And having identified those bigger spenders, we can take steps to recognise and reward them through club benefits and provide them with relevant additional incentives, news and offers.

Works with collection & delivery too

Around 20% of our revenue comes from collections & take-away orders so it's very beneficial for us - and our customers - that DinerMojo works perfectly well across dine-in, collection and delivery.

DinerMojo = Better marketing

DinerMojo = Better marketing

Good marketing should raise your business' profile effectively without costing the earth

The DinerMojo app uses a host of smart features to help spread the word about your great restaurant far and wide. Customer referrals and sharing via social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are just some of the in-built features that automatically increase your marketing reach and online presence, even if you don't have the time or resources to deal with those sorts of things yourself.

And you can now easily tell people about your latest news and offers with a free feature called 'push notifications'. These are messages that go direct to people's phones and the big benefit of them is that they get read up to 80% of the time. With emails only being read 25% of the time at most (and that's if you're lucky) and web advertising, printed advertising and the like getting read even less, an 80% read rate is fantastic.

A high read rate and all that free social media coverage sounds like much better advertising bang for buck than the norm, doesn't it?

DinerMojo = Better insights

DinerMojo = Better insights

Insight: if you can see it, you can manage it

DinerMojo enables you to understand how many customers you have, which of them spend the most, how frequently they visit, how many people come in their parties, and much more besides. You can then use these insights to better focus your marketing and business development efforts, just like they've done at Jamie Oliver's restaurants for example (see the article excerpt on the right).

Control and reduce your discounts by moving them to DinerMojo and you'll be able to validate who gets what and why as well as getting a more accurate handle on what works and what doesn't.

Get immediate feedback if a customer is unhappy when they use the review function – way better than it going to TripAdvisor and their ilk.

DinerMojo = Better business

DinerMojo = Better business

We've made it easy for you to join what we're sure will quickly become your new favourite club

Join in an afternoon

We have some fairly rigorous joining criteria that ensures that once you're in, you'll be rubbing shoulders with equally highly-regarded peers.

It may be rigorous, but it's fast. You can be on board in hours.

No up-front costs. No hassle

There's no painful fiddling with your existing Point of Sale (POS) systems needed, no additional hardware and no additional software.

There are no lengthy lock-in contracts and you'll find our pricing plans refreshingly simple, transparent and designed to suit you at every stage. You're average costs will come in well under the sorts of figures you're familiar with from the likes of OpenTable or Bookatable. All this and the reassurance that DinerMojo is designed by restaurant owners with you in mind so everything is geared towards improving your overall profits.

Once you're in, you're in control

You'll have access to your own dedicated, secure DinerMojo restaurant hub that's available to you 24 x 7. This means you can change your details, send out news, add special offers and much, much more whenever you like and have the results immediately visible on club members’ phones.

You'll also be able to take a look at real-time information about your restaurant: who's come when, how often, how much has been spent and much, much more.

Strength in numbers

A club of venues such as yours is much more attractive to your customers than any single restaurant scheme or broad-brush schemes that include venues that aren't in your league.

DinerMojo is for you

DinerMojo is for you

Be next into the club

Congratulations on making your restaurant such a well-regarded success.

Now let DinerMojo help you capitalise on all that hard work.

Click the button below and we'll be in touch shortly to answer any questions you might have and talk you through coming on board.